s-MEXT-G00 DX R32 Close Control System
s-MEXT-G00 DX R410A Close Control System
i-NEXT DX R410A Close Control System
w-NEXT Chilled Water Close Control System
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I.T. Cooling
Close Control Air Conditioning Systems
Precise Temperature and Humidity Control
Close Control Air Conditioning Systems
Complex I.T. environments are often characterised by variable cooling loads,
The need for high sensible cooling and close
which require a high cooling capacity at full load in order to allow the
control of both temperatures and humidity in
I.T. equipment to operate correctly when it is most needed.
critical I.T. environments has never been higher.
Our I.T. Cooling range makes it possible to keep temperature and humidity constant, even with very wide
Mitsubishi Electric and RC I.T. cooling systems have been
load variations, ensuring the correct room conditions all year round.
designed to fulfil this requirement, reducing operational
The perfect match between efficiency and reliability
costs in the process through the use of highly efficient
technology, with many systems incorporating inverter
With our I.T. cooling systems, both efficiency and reliability are paramount throughout all the stages of
control as standard.
research, design and manufacturing. By using this approach along with over 50 years of manufacturing
experience within the I.T. cooling sector, we are able to offer tailor made I.T. Cooling solutions
Mitsubishi Electric Perimeter Cooling units
RC Perimeter Cooling Units
The RC I.T. Cooling range of perimeter, upflow or downflow units have been designed
Mitsubishi Electric’s Close Control systems are specifically designed
to cool new and existing I.T. rooms efficiently and effectively. The perimeter range offers
for rooms with a high sensible cooling load that require precise
a broad range of unit types to meet any I.T. perimeter cooling demand.
temperature and humidity control. Because of the need for close
control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, an inverter driven compressor
DX or chilled water versions available
has been incorporated into the outdoor units, maximising the
Precise temperature and humidity control
energy efficiency of the system.
New generation EC PUL
Connects to Mr Slim Power Inverter outdoor units
(Polymeric ULtralight) high efficiency fans
Easily integrates into existing and new control networks
DC inverter technology
Quick recovery following power failure
Free cooling available
High Sensible cooling
Dual fluid circuits for the highest reliability
Close control of supply temperature
Advanced control systems
Back-up and rotate function available
Easy to install - no space required at the rear of the unit
Inverter driven capacity control
I.T. Cooling
I.T. Cooling Technology and Solutions
Multi Density - Launching in 2020
Bringing together leading VRF technology and precision cooling
Mitsubishi Electric’s new Multi Density systems combine the efficiency,
quality and simplicity of City Multi VRF, with high performance in-row
cooling solutions for high density data rooms.
Plug and play
High efficiency
Long pipe runs
Proven technology
In-Row Cooling Solution
Mitsubishi Electric cooling only VRF outdoor units
These systems are suitable for application in modern I.T. infrastructure
Multi Density is ideal for applications where high sensible cooling and close
that is typically characterised by high thermal loads, and are particularly
control of temperature in high density applications is required. Multi Density
suitable for high density racks and blade server cooling in
takes advantage of more than 50 years’ experience of the RC brand within
data centres with hot-spots.
the I.T. Cooling market, coupled with Mitsubishi Electric renowned
quality standards.
The range is able to cope with the high density of the thermal load,
with minimal impact of space in the data centre. In-row technology
This indoor cooling package consists of multiple indoor 'coolside' close coupled
puts the air conditioning unit directly within the rows of racks to
air conditioners, connected to a City Multi VRF outdoor unit. The result is a full
cool the localised heat sources (hot-spots).
inverter multi-split system, designed according to the best quality standards
and dedicated to the most reliable I.T. environments.
Wide operating range
Self-developed inverter compressor technology
M-Net control
Mitsubishi Electric Quality, manufactured in Japan
Air Conditioning for High Density Racks and Blade Servers
Rack Cooling Solutions
Door Unit Cooling Solutions
Rack cooling solutions have been designed for managing high density
Close-coupled cooling is one of the best ways to eliminate hot spots
servers (blade servers), better known as hot-spots.
in a data centre environment.
Through utilisation of advanced technology, these rack cooling units
The major advantage of door cooling systems lie in the fact that they are
deliver targeted cooling exactly where it is required.
installed at the back of the rack (hot aisle), without occupying space that
can then be used for servers. This in turn reduces the number of racks
DX or chilled water versions available
needed per row.
Modulates airflow using EC high efficiency fans. The fans adapt to the
New generation EC high efficiency fans
thermal load detected by the sensors positioned in the hot and cold aisles
Suitable for 42U / 48U racks
Compatible with most rack systems and fully scalable
Minimal intrusion into server space
Dual circuit and free cooling option available for N+1
Dynamic control of air stratification
Can be supplied with rack
I.T. Cooling
I.T. Cooling Technology and Solutions